1. As the most hetro-male you know and the wives and kids to prove it, I just don’t get it.
    Beyond the crazy shit she has done in the past(we are all guilty to some point) I really don’t find her that attractive. Mouth too big, bad tats, freakishly skinny arms… If she has any redeeming quality it may be the legs.

  2. jay popeski

    HOLY JEHOVAH is that a third nipple on the web of her hand?!?!

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  4. booboo

    I will be her friend.And she can be my sex toy!

  5. Mooncricket

    I agree. She’s not that hot. Funny lookn and arms too skinny. On the other hand, I do think she has sexy lips. She got a pretty mouth.

  6. Noodles

    HATE HER!!! She’s been trying to clean up her image ever since she seduced that idiot Brad Pitt. They deserve eachother. She looks like a tranny.

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