1. 8 Ball Jake

    How quickly after this news broke do you think it took Jennifer Anniston to text Brad Pitt a picture of her rack with the words, “Who’s the crazy one now, bitch!”

  2. savetheboobies

    I don’t wanna get prostate cancer so I’m gonna get my balls cut off. C’mon Angelina. How can you do this to us? Always thinking bout yourself. You are not a team player.

  3. MFer

    Maybe I’m just cynical, but I can’t help but think that this was just a good excuse to get new boobs after having breast fed 3 kids.

    • amanda

      I watched my aunt get breast cancer at 29 and die by 30. Boobs are replaceable, people aren’t.

      • I’m guessing most males given a 14% chance they won’t get Penile Cancer, would opt (no pun) to keep their penis.

        No offense to anyone with any Cancer, OR the precursors.

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        I know I would flush my body with Cannabinoids first. That is for sure.

  4. Lissa

    this is bonkers

  5. i don’t know about cancer, i just know that A; that’s the chick from “tomb raider”, and B; she has nice new boobs

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