1. Hammy

    What she did is incredibly commendable and I give props to her. She is an amazing woman.

  2. This story is bullshit. Her man is about to release the biggest turkey in hollywood history and this passionate PR con job on the public is just that. A ruse. Show me the fucking scares Angie!

  3. Ana

    Brad Pitt is transforming into Fabio

  4. Sorry…I’m usually all for the funny. This story didn’t come across that way.

  5. MFer

    Said it once, and I’ll say it again. Just an excuse to get new boobs after all those kids sucked the life out of em. Proof positive.

  6. Okay now I REALLY don’t believe her hype.

  7. Lissa

    what other star is devious enough to undergo breast surgery and cover it up with false cancer stories and let society call her brave for her bigger boobs? Oh yes, the one that stole someone’s husband in front of billions of people and still got away with it. Genius.

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