1. kitty

    there gorgeous!

  2. riiightt...

    Learn to spell, Kitty.

  3. Yeah

    There should be no comma after “spell”.

    • um

      There should be a comma. That person is addressing Kitty.

    • Douchey McDouchedouche

      There probably shouldn’t be an exclamation mark at the end of this sentence, but sometimes you have to live a little, douche!

      • SammiJane

        Are you really discussing grammar on a celebrity gossip site? This certainly isn’t the place to have a pissing contest over intelligence. Look at where you’re at!

  4. jimmy

    she has the body of a 15 yearold….a 15 year old boy….lmfao ru kidding me skin and bones are out!

  5. jimmy

    she ahs the body of a 15 year old …a 15 year old boy….. damn she needs a few pounds and maybe some hips would help!!!

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