1. “Not For Sale”? Who would buy tits that small? Really, that is not even a mouth full for a midget.

  2. Ron Burgandy's Ballsack

    That does look like one malnourished nipple.

  3. chuck d

    Small but oooooh so suckable

  4. SAm

    Wow, you guys are harsh! I would prefer these over the ridiculously huge, deformed looking fake boobs most celebs have. geeesh

  5. Lulu

    At least they are real but for the love of Christ eat something, nothing says I’m hot than having the figure of a 7 year old boy!

  6. Cardinal Fang

    lol @ Lulu. So right you are. Hips and tits make a woman a woman. These two skinbags look like they were just recently rescued from a week at Auschwitz.

  7. Do_Freebird

    Those kinds of nipples are perfect for putting clothes pins on. Or those small Jumper cables attached to a car battery

  8. Brian

    HOw come there is still a star on mine?

  9. Kooky S

    Where the fuck are her tits?

  10. Kooky S

    Ross – NSFW link above pic.

  11. Fuck Off & Die

    I don’t mind small tits one bit, especially if she’s got a body like that.

  12. jjohn

    Nice nip, me like! Too bad “not for sale” ! Now – back to the Selena & Miley pictures :)

  13. Joe

    Why bother covering up? I have bigger tits than her…

  14. mark

    Great boobs, incredible nipples, rocking body, face so ugly it will turn you to stone!

  15. stacym

    suck em – great no saggers

  16. How does one get rid of the stars?

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