1. edamame

    Hey, fanny packs are back!
    (not a good thing)

  2. Johnny Walker

    sheen may have sold out radio city music hall twice, but andrew dice clay sold out madison square garden two nights in a row

  3. Ouddy

    Why is he waring eye pad?

  4. Pussy Galore

    Arrrrgh!!! Pirate Fanny Pack!!! Arrrrgh!!!

  5. JCR

    Holy shit, he’s turning into Kevin Smith!

  6. Dre

    I actually tend to agree with Andrew Dice Clay.. regardless of his eye patch and fanny pack.

  7. www.goochonline.com

    He’s absolutely right. He’s so right, that I don’t even care about what he’s wearing. He could be wearing a diaper and still that expletive laden rant would be the most comprehensive analysis of the situation to date. Every aspect of present day Sheen analyzed in a few off the cuff paragraphs. Cheers, Dice.

  8. RebelMinion

    Why is that pirate smuggling chinchillas in his pockets?

  9. Vic

    hahaha! I saw this on attackofthefannypack.com!

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