1. Cock Dr

    Spencer Pratt is as queer as a three dollar bill.
    It’s over kids. There will be few if any bookings & the magazines are onto your bullshitz. Perhaps it’s time to obtain new skills in preparation for entering a tough jobs market.
    Heidi though was quite literally built for porn. I suggest some nice girl on girl features first and then ease into the gangbang genre.

  2. GravyLeg

    Please. Let. Them. Die.

    ……….of explosive diarrhea preferably….


  3. Sharon

    Ok..why does Spencer have on 2 watches?? I doubt he has had anything to be on time for to do in a long time..

  4. Ken Moore

    22 photos and they never actually kiss. There are a few where their lips almost touch, but not quite. Pratt is definitely a flaming homo! I’d be tickling her tonsils with my tongue in every photo.

  5. Michael

    (okay I’m bout to be a MALE pig here but um…) it appears that Heidi’s got a nice booty under that sundress! TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!

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