1. Anon

    Look at that mug…

  2. Foxhunter

    Douchebag wears two watches.


  3. amber

    wish people would just stop publishing anything about these people. they don’t deserve any attention at all.

  4. joanna

    why is he wearing 2 watches? what a douche…

  5. OmgSing

    He’s wearing 2 watches so if he looks to his right side, he can see what time it is, then when he looks to his left side, he can still see what time it is without always having to look at the other arm if your arm is not on the side you are looking and want to know what time it is.

  6. ryry

    he’s fuckin ugly

  7. johnny

    2 watches? That is RAD. i’m gonna go out and get me two know, cuz I wanna be like spencer. except i can’t tell time. but neither can he, so that’s okay.

  8. MoP

    Two watches for his two sides; one, a gold Rolex, so he knows how far he’s come, and the other, a Timex, to show where he’s come from. Sounded kind of deep, didn’t it? DIDN’T IT?

  9. SarahUnicorns

    He is so bloody hot i would suck him all day and night

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