1. Steve

    I can almost see where babies come from.

  2. Nick Ritz

    Could we please stop giving them the attention they want? Then they would be gone.

    • me

      I think you should run for office. For reals Superficial, enough of these two already. Nobody cares. Everything they do is for attention and you’re giving them their glory by posting these.

  3. Big Ticket

    Dude has on 2 watches….you serious.

  4. OTownMarine

    Me! :)

  5. Compound9

    Wow two watches its either 1986 or he must always be looking at the wrong wrist.
    who the fuck takes a pro photographer to the beach?
    I hope they both choke on starfish.

  6. jesus i LOVE that “faux surprised / shocked / embarrassed” face she makes (see pic 1)…and that’s a nice little upskirt in the same pic. is that a swimsuit or some blinged-out panties she’s wearing, though?

    and check out her FACE in some of the pics…gravity is fixing the plastic surgery…she’s starting to get that long, horsey face back….which is PERFECTLY FINE…she looked better before the plastic surgery, anyway…

    plus: nice TOES in pic 7: very suckable :)

  7. Danklin

    Fish you do realize you’re giving these assholes exactly what they crazy. They are the world’s biggest attention whores. Spencer is all look at me look at me! Thats why he pretended to be some crazy fucked up whackjob and the media gave him the attention he wanted. The media outlets are putty in this guy’s hands. Stop giving them what they crave and maybe these dipshits will go away. They’re making the media look like complete assholes.

  8. blip

    She has such fucking sexy legs and feet. Yummy!

  9. Puddin' Taine

    Is there anything not *fake* about these 2???


    Stop giving this IDIOTs the attention the want….. PLEASE!!!! I like this site, but I can’t follow sites that CONTINUE to give attention to these suckbags of the asshole to the human race!!!

  11. sam

    I dont know about you guys but I think that Heidi looks pretty good now. I mean her face looks beautiful, not so plastic

  12. Bill

    They look like televangelists.


    Hate to say it, but she looks amazing

  14. Shana

    Please stop writing about these two people who have done NOTHING worth writing about! I would rather read a story about what my mailman had for lunch yesterday!

  15. eh

    if only everyone would just STOP and take this power away from these 2 wax figures and then we can just watch them fucking disappear, if only…good ol america and its media. amusing.

  16. Jesse Jackson

    Now that he shaved he looks just like my ball sack….and that makes me angry. HULK SMASH!

  17. b

    heidi is looking hot!

  18. nursekimmie

    fake, fake, fake…make them go away

  19. Willy Wonka

    I guess he decided to give her tits another chance…

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