1. GTO

    You can put on and take off any of my dress shirts, any time

  2. ad nasuem


  3. therapture


    oh yeah. first. who gives a fuck though.

  4. therapture

    hilarious. it was empty and before I could type….bammo.

  5. Blah


  6. Rush


  7. ItseffingME

    This girl is STARTLINGLY beautiful. She takes your breath away.

  8. buttfuck

    huge nose

  9. Lucion

    Hubba hubba hubbba!

  10. Rumple Fugly

    Yes, first two pics…awesome. This pic….doesn’t even look like the same person, and makes me want to hoarf. Horrible granny bra.

  11. Teabagger

    Is that a push-up bra? If not she’s got weird titties.

    If so, FRAUD!

  12. OMG….are you f****g crazy?? Look at these pictures of this Goddess and tell me you wouldn’t kill to bury your face in those sweet, soft, gorgeous all natural Chest Pillows and lie for days. Erin is non-photoshopped perfection! Congrat’s Erin!!!!! :-)

    • Frank

      Erin is stunning! Those posting nothing but negative comments are jealous of her beauty and either wish they were half as gorgeous as this woman’s pinky toe or wish they had a woman like this. DC – more than our nation’s capital, it’s the city that gave us Erin! Woot! Total hottie!

      Thanks for posting the addl. pics. She looks like a really fun girl!

      • eatme

        o hell yes. I’m really hating the duck face above, but those candids are marvelous.
        Erin, I have a lot of respect for you. You are kind, sensitive and intelligent…
        and you’ve got fucking great tits.

    • lko

      well she looks totally diff there but on these here she looks just boring, like big nose stuckup girl, def not a winner material

  13. wb

    Is this even the same chick?

  14. Hugh G Rection

    man those pictures made my name the truth

  15. Bel

    She’s beautiful. Good pick for sure!

  16. Poonage

    What a rack! WHAT A RACK!

  17. Ivat

    Jeez, Jillian had no chance against this. Keep wearing those giant sunglasses that cover half your face, Jillian. You need them.

  18. Mike

    Dammit she’s gorgeous!
    We voters made the right choice

  19. Lisa Beth

    This looks like a Playtex commercial I would see if I was watching Reba on Lifetime.

  20. Daisy

    So boring, but I guess everyone on here likes totally plain girls. I can’t believe Erin won. Ugh. UUUUUGGGHHHHH…. Pissed.

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