1. Duchess

    Wooo go DC!!

  2. Lucion


  3. Guillotine

    Total fucking babe!

  4. catch22

    she’s a keeper

  5. Adam


  6. mrk83

    am i the only one who is kinda disappointed in this outcome. she is a pretty girl for sure. but material for the superficial banner girl?? not so much. a little too bland IMO but what do i know eh

  7. chigirl


  8. luverly

    I think that is actually very lovely. Keep her! It classes up the joint.

  9. ryd

    completely with you…she’s pretty but “startlingly ” anything? fuck no.

  10. spfan

    I don’t love her, but at least that ugly one didn’t win.

  11. omg

    JESUS CHRIST does anyone fucking miss the O.G. banner girl? The one that’s been greeting me at this site for the past 5 years as a LOYAL FUCKING READER. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

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