1. cyber

    I think her PR firm has done well. Everyone has heard of her, everyone knows she dresses edgy/slutty/kinky/risqué, everyone knows the name of her band, everyone knows what show she is on, everyone will perk up and listen when her name is mentioned on a newscast, paper, blog entry.

    Again she’s far less exposed than if she were at the beach.

    • Drew

      We need less people like you in the world that justify an underage girl publicly dressing like a whore to sell records, to underage girls on a beach.

      Oh to be an ignorant kid again.

  2. cyber


  3. IamLegend

    as it’s for sure her parents, so called, don’t really give a care about her or what she does let’s all hope someone taught her what condoms are….sure don’t need any more of things like her around

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