1. Mal

    All I noticed is that her shirt is ‘buttoned’ oddly. The rest was just a blur of pretension.

  2. Pangulin

    Badly bleached blonde hair, racoon eyes and pimples galore. Then she smiles and looks like something created by George Lucas for a “Star Wars” bar scene.
    She has to show her boobs because otherwise no one would look at her.
    Miley Cyrus may be tramping it up lately, but and that is a very large but, she has more class in her little finger than this bleached blonde boob has in her entire body.

  3. Bob

    While I have no objection to a nice pair of breasts (underage or not – just not below 16 – I’m not a perv, afterall), the rest of her is a freakin’ mess.

  4. Tony Y

    LOL in photo #10 her clothes say goth slut but her pose says school marm.

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