1. RATA


  2. Kate

    Whatever, I think she is great. Hot, tallented, and unique. Btw. she is an not just an actress but also a model and a singer. U just wish you were that talented. Lol

    • You may be young, so I’ll be nice about this..

      I have no problem with pop culture and what it puts out there for the masses to see, but this girl and her schtick grind my gears.

      its all commodity. It’s all easily replaceable. This girl has absolutely nothing to be a retarded angsty teenager about..yet here she is..and bankroll she is making.

      If you want to say it’s good from a pop culture perspective…well I’ll agree it’s pop culture..not necessarily good..but pop culture nonetheless. Don’t, however, try to sit there and give reasons about her ‘craft’ and how ‘unique’ she is. Anyone that has been around for more than a hot minute has seen it done 20 different times before…and its wearing a little thin.

    • Floyd

      Wow socialcomment just told you off in a very adult manner and I for one am proud of him/her. And him/her are right this “anger teen” has been done over and over.

      • Kate

        I didn’t ask for anyone to chime in but thank you for your words of wisdom. Maybe you should stop bashing other people. I for one think that she is just being herself and that is what I respect about her. She doesn’t care what other peole think. I also think she has a excellent sence of style. This is my opinion and I respect yours. Next time I will make sure to ask for your input when I post ;)

      • poopface

        shes a stupid bitch and so are you

      • Kate

        You are probably a fat cow who can’t get off the couch without a fork lift.

  3. callmesam

    so what… its happened before, guess what it will happen again. The industry will always push out new hot young things that get paid way too much and get to party and do whatever the hell theyd like to. Tell me you wouldnt behave or act however you wanted if you had basically an endless cash supply. But alas we will sit here and b!tch and moan about them because you werent as lucky or talented as them to get into the spotlight. Lifes a B!tch, oh well

  4. J.R.

    Kinda reminds me of that Metallica tune… ‘Creeping Death’.

  5. I know Taylor and this is who she is and it’s who she was when she lived in Maryland. She’s brutally honest and out there, but I too feel that she might be reaching with wearing this outfit. There is no place to go from here, no lines to push as you get older. Taylor has amazing talent and is an incredible vocalist, I just wish she’d let that be front and center instead of letting herself be exploited.

    • g!

      100% agree with you, she’s a talent, beautiful woman, but she just wants people to talk about her look looking like these, she should focus in her career.

  6. kayla

    OMG, hell nah. she is too young to be dressing like that. for real. button up yo’ damn shirt.

  7. diamond

    i think she’s hot. a little too much eye liner, but still hot.

  8. Julie

    Woah, I don’t remember her having that much tit. That must be a pretty intense push up bra.

  9. Daisy

    I really like Taylor Momsen. It’s just weird that she was so sweet, and innocent…guess not everything is what it seems.

    I love the fact that no matter how many people keeps bashing her, she does it anyways. You gotta give her props for that.

    And she makes some great music. If you’re into that type of course.

  10. Mizer

    Taylor Momsen? Sounds like a made up name. Is she part of the Adams Family?

  11. dinky

    jesus, that bra does look expensive. who’s the goth slut?

  12. Lilian

    She’s awful. I love her voice and the songs of the band she’s in but she is WAY over the top. Acting like a slut or a prostitute does NOT make her look like an adult. ‘Ooh, look at me, I can go out in just a bra and take mommy’s make-up case so I look like a beatten up whore-slash-raccoon!’ She is SO immature. She’s the perfect example of an angsty teen that has no reason at all to be all bad-ass or upset but yet tries to look dark. Spoiled hollywood whore.

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