1. Human nature

    Good for January for not being intimidated to get rid of the kid. If she wants to keep her baby, she should. Yes, she sounds like a selfish bitch but most people in Hollywood are. In fact, most PEOPLE are period. People always complain about “homewreckers” and then they go around and do it themselves. January’s not a hypocrite at least.

    January knows she’s not the best actress. She got knocked up by a rich director and she gets to have a baby AND she’s set for a long time (not for life but until that kid is 25) so good for her. A beautiful new baby and money in the bank. And the added revenge of knowing that the director’s marriage is probably going to end up on the rocks (eventually). She’s pretty much “won” this one. The director has “lost”. And the director’s wife? Obviously Claudia shouldn’t be married to the director anyway because he doesn’t love her enough NOT TO CHEAT ON HER.

    I don’t feel bad for anyone here. Everyone is getting what they deserve, but if you want to play the blame game? The blame is SQUARELY on the shoulders of the director. I would never have January Jones as a friend, but i completely understand her and don’t fault her for being human.

    And all the hypocrites who criticize her would do the EXACT SAME THING if they were in her shoes.

  2. Human nature

    Um…January, honey…if you are reading this – after the baby you may want to get some lipo to hoover away those saddle bags. Not very attractive – you can look much better without them.

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