1. Mama Pinkus

    I am happy for Ms. Simpson, who, by the way, was very gracious regarding her ex-husband’s happiness.

  2. hayley

    her face reminds me of hilary swank’s in this picture.

  3. Yessum

    She’s probably gonna blimp after this. Married women tend to do that.

  4. Fa Nay Nay

    What happened to her! Watch out kids! She’s gonna eat you!

  5. Girl Villain

    Not that i’m a Jessica Simpson fan, but why are her pictures always so washed out with harsh lighting? It’s very unflattering. Lighting is so bad that she has muppet hands. Someone is editing these photos purposely, imo. I’ve never seen a super washed out unflattering picture of JLo. Someones always got the Vaseline lens on that one.

  6. Mallory

    I don’t think that is an engagement ring. The thought of having to wear something that hideous forever is awful. Gold, really? It’s 2010.

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