1. vaviona


  2. Marco

    Strange… as if there is only one “butt cheek” and a line drawn down the middle. And now I will never forget it.

  3. Error

    haha, I just tried to access the NSFW and my computer comes with ERROR ESTABLISHING A DATABASE CONNECTION. Thanks Snooks.

  4. UncleStinky

    is that a dookie stain on her butt cheek?

  5. Rick

    Why? She is such a pig.

  6. gluten

    why does this chick insist on being the most appalling specimen of females?

  7. no visible pussy. kinda disappointed

  8. Scarlet

    I feel so ill right now.

    Should I sign that will now? Sure kids, take it all. Because I have now look the Devil in the. . .eye? The life has now been sucked completely out of me!

  9. Too Observant

    I think she got a little bit on her cheek with the last wipe.

  10. Yuck!


  11. Mr. Obama

    oh hell yea, you know Id ruin that shit, just as soon as I finish ruining everything else in the country.

  12. Old man Clemens hates shit!

    Seriously though… I really would lick her anus. Is that wrong?

  13. Old man Clemens hates shit!

    I hit that harder than a French man!

  14. Ho.Lee.Shit

    What’s wrong with me? What the fuck is wrong with you?? Why would you post something like this on my beautiful internets? You ruin everything.

  15. joho777

    Is it true that everyone in New Jersey is as short and as ugly as this?

  16. Mark Street

    If your going to be a fat pos and in the public eye one would think you would want to have a female ass not a dudes. What a skank

  17. allyoops

    thong does not mean commando.

    be glad the meatflaps were rolled up

  18. wineywino

    Please God, please tell me this child is at least wearing a thong. Yes, she should be wearing a muumuu and granny panties, but we can’t have everything.

    • Cock Dr

      If there is a thong in there she’ll need forceps to get it out.
      That’s a mighty well growed “child”.

  19. marsupial pilot

    Look, I come from a small town, so hold the derisive laughter; Around here if a woman walks around with her genitals, we take her to jail. If a man hangs his out in public, we take him to jail. Are these local ordinances? Are these confined only to the South? ARE THERE NO F&CKING ASS POLICE ANYMORE?

    She’s obviously tugging at this sausage casing trying to pull it down, which is of course impossible, as she needs about another two and a half feet. This is not an upskirt, this is not a flash, this a woman parading around with her ass and what I will forever think of as her Snooki clearly exposed. I’m having a problem understanding why someone hasn’t Tased her.

    Bring on the Juggalos…..

  20. joe blow

    Oh goddamn… I just threw up in my mouth….

  21. David

    Sweet Mother of God, NO….

  22. LuvdaBoobies

    This is just the nastiest & skankiest bitch alive…but I have to admit…that ass looks pretty damned tasty in this picture and I sure would love to come up behind her and bend her over the car … I just hope to god she doesn’t look backwards or the wood would go limp instantaneously.


    GROSS! Her ass looks like she just took a fuckin shit and forgot to wipe her ass.



  25. Jeff

    I like it and would love to eat it..


    Dude! You.Are.Hilarious!

  27. Bored with life

    I’d rather fuck the even fatter chick next to her…

  28. Bored with life

    Looks like she’s worried a bunch of jizz will leak out of her ass…

  29. supersonic

    why would anyone walk around like that? just plain WRONG.

  30. zebop

    Nice ass for a talentless, loud, drunken whore midget.

    I’d fuck her…with a strap-on. The diseases up in that cooch would dissolve any condom.

  31. Crat

    NSFW version? No thanks, not into Oompa Loompa porn.


    oompa loompa doompadee doo

  33. saywhat?

    How in the world can her ass be so fat and so flat at the same time, it bottles the mind?

  34. new word


  35. Kris Nelson

    Her ass looks like 150 lbs of chewed bubble gum.

  36. BlackMamba

    tis the grossest thing i have ever laid eyes on.

  37. williewon't

    Jelly is one thing, but is that a skid mark on her left cheek? Ummm…. wow. Someone show her how to wipe correctly.

  38. Kaeden

    ThatÂ’s not just logic. ThatÂ’s really sniebsle.

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