1. Augh! Dat’s ugly!
    She’s still alive though…….damn. She must have a Keith Richards body chemistry going on. Pour in the toxins, yet all is neutralized.

  2. Cardinal Fang

    #5 in the “Chicks who are probably dudes” series. Next up is Lady GaG GaG.. I mean Gaga.

  3. cc

    And you know this piece of shit thinks she looks good, you know she does.

  4. krunkkybooty

    I want to bite her nipplez off.

  5. Cardinal Fang

    More chicks that look like dudes in drag.

  6. Oh no I saw the pic and now I have bile left on my molars.

  7. Jester51

    Let’s face it, she would not be number one on my wish lists of young ladies that I would like to spend some time with, but if Amy called me up and asked me nicely, I’d hit that.

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