1. TheReddFoxx

    Hey assholes, the mobile version of this site sucks more than mouths. The regular site sucks slightly less but is still shit on mobile devices. Maybe try hiring a retarded hobo to design this shit next time; I’m sure it would work better. And I’m tired of seeing the same white bitch in a bikini every day. I’m white; they’re not supposed to all look the same to me. How about some ambition? You haven’t posted anything funny or that interesting other than that white bitch’s tits in weeks. Even your review was the antithesis of comedy. And there are billions of sites with tits. I can’t believe you assholes make money with such shit work.

    • Well-put, but let’s be honest we don’t come to this site for “ambition” or “anything funny” or “interesting” (if so, you’re doing the internet wrong)

  2. coljack

    At last, bikini photos that don’t make me feel like I’m looking at a male speedskater in drag. No offense, Michelle Lewin. And Anais Zinotti. Oh, and Jennifer Nicole Lee.

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