1. The bolted her nipple on in the wrong place. . .

  2. Looks like Amy opted for the Audrina Patridge Ceiling Eye implants.

  3. marbles

    Wo cares….wow.

  4. nomnomnom

    huge nipples. that top can’t hold em in any of these pics.
    kinda gross

  5. (flips over football player)

  6. No one should complain when the a bikini top cant contain the nipples or breast, especially when they look amazing.

  7. Urall Fhags

    Maybe it’s not actually the areola at all, maybe it’s a birthmark.

  8. nomnomnom

    nah, in the other pics you can see it sticking out on the other side too. i guess it’s not too bad, but the positioning looks a bit wonk. otherwise they’re nomnomnom.

  9. tlmck

    That bikini is definitely too large for her.

  10. Jon

    I don’t get these, do their amateur photography friends just go out and take these pictures of these girls every day? Cause most of these people are never with friends or anything and are semi-posing.

    You pretty much get famous now just by going to the beach in a bikini?

  11. “…and may she never learn how tops work, amen.”

  12. anonym

    Google her. Her face is pretty damn fugg, that’s why she needs the tits to distract.

  13. Bodine

    I wonder how much money she spent just to look average.

  14. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    Mind the Gap? Don’t mind if I do….

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