1. Gigs

    I don’t get it, she has an incredible body. Why bald? Well she dated Kanye so maybe she does have no brains.

  2. oh i know

    i’ve seen pics of her with long hair and she IS pretty but wouldnt’ stand out in a crowd of other wanna-be’s….we look at her BECAUSE she’s the “bald chick”…

  3. yeah....ok

    Sorry, but I just don’t think her cellulite legs and ass are “amazing”. She wishes she could grow long, beautiful hair. Bald skank. Go fuck another rapper and catch an std. Skank!

    • She IS a skank, but you’re out of your mind if you think her body is not amazing! I’ll take that juicy body over the average waif “model” any day. With normal hair she would be damn near perfect.

      • Any Guy

        yeah, those cottage cheese thighs are ‘amazing’. it looks like she just got up off a gravel driveway. dude, she’s a fat broad – just get over it. its ok to be a chubby chaser.


        @Tony, yu know what your talking about, it is kinda sad when ppl come on this site and bag out Beautiful women such as Amber Rose, when their girlfriends look like they belong in the zoo show! they all wish they could bite that beautiful women’s cheesy ass! haha LOSER’S!!!!

    • yeah....ok

      @Tony, if you think her stretched out cavernous vag is perfect…then have fun. I advise that you should tie a board to your ass so you don’t fall in. She is a disgusting, ex-stripper who fucks any rapper who will hit it. Nasty shit.

      @Any Guy…thank you! Someone with common sense.

  4. Sexxxi Mami

    Ugly, wanna-be blond and bald runs in the family, I see.

  5. Tracey

    Damn an ant bit me, who the hell is this fat ,ugly bald chick?

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