1. whatthehuh?

    i wonder how attractive she would be with hair and normal people type clothes?!?!

  2. what's that?

    Is that a clump of fat on her back…?

  3. RebelMinion

    When did Yul Brynner get breast implants?

  4. Brooke

    Wait, this chick is WHITE?!?

  5. AWOL

    Nice tits, dude.

  6. GENER

    Wow, she’s amazing. This is one of my favorite pics of her. Natural, not slathered in makeup. She looks “real” here. Very nice!

  7. kz

    I never realized this but she really is beautiful. It’s the shaved hair that throws people off. And the fact that it’s blond.

  8. DK

    She is gorgeous. She looks good with Wiz Khalifa.

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