1. oh uh

    brb mailing alessandra a sandwich in a penis-shaped box

  2. MonkeyMan

    Amber Rose looks like a much healthier and doable specimine of the female form than Alessandra…..

  3. Weird Al

    Note to Victoria’s Secret: When a woman looks like a man and has tiny boobs with a huge torso it’s not sexy. No amount of airbrushing, angled photography and cleavage grabbing can hide that. Most actresses look prettier than the gay-male inspired androgyny of the fashion industry.

  4. Ho.Lee.Shit

    I gotta say…she’s a pretty girl, but her “ass” really doesn’t look that appetizing.

  5. Carlos Stranz

    The gauchos are the most beautiful ocidental people in the world. Mixed of germans, italians, spanish and portuguese…
    Alessandra Ambrosio, Gisele Bundchen, Carol Trentini, Raquel Zimmermann, Izabel Goulart…

  6. CC

    Gauchos? You’ve no clue what a gaucho is, do you? What you’re talking about is descendants of European immigrants in Latin America…yes we’re very pretty thanks.

  7. Vera

    Alessandra Ambrosio looks gross. I don’t get men who find women like her sexy.

  8. Carlos Stranz

    Gaucho in this case, is who has born in Rio Grande state ( ), soutern Brasil.
    Gaucho in the way i mean, is like “texan” or “californian”. Is the official name of the state inhabitants.
    I’m not talking about argentinians or even uruguayans because the colonization was dferent. All “latin” america (north american not wise denomination) has european descendents, and i’m very sorry, not everybody is pretty, in truth, the majority is “unpretty”.
    Central americans are diferent from south americans. They are even diferent between they.
    Coolombians, venezuelans and equatorians are diferent from peruvians, paraguayans and bolivians. Brasil has at least 3 very diferent regions: north, central and south, and Chile, Argentina and Uruguay has diferences as well.
    So, when i mean gaucho i’m trying to be very especific, because i’m brazilian and gaucho, and i feel close to uruguay, or even argentina, but i don’t feel any close to any other american people. To me, a mexican is more distant then a north american, because i don’t have any relations with mexican or their culture. I only see “America” when i look to europe, africa or asia, and then i don’t see a “latin america”, this is a foolish convention, created by north americans to refer to other people in continent besides they or Canada. Truth is: in the new world we are all descendents of imigrants from every corner of the world mixed with natives. The diferences are 2: the proportions of this mixes and how it’s affeted culture, and the particular history of every place.
    - i don’t feel so conected with the others.
    - we ALL are less conected with Europe, and who thinks diferent never went to europe or understand that we are NOTHING like europeans.
    - gisele bundchen don’t look german, alessandra ambrosio don’t look portuguese and carol trentini don’t look Italian. They aren’t european… In Rio Grande, majority of european imigrants are mercenaries, soldiers, who travel singles and after war stay and marriage a “local” women. By that, we are naturally not european.
    - but here, we have diferent indians, diferent imigration and diferent food, so we are 6 foot people… We are not scandinavians, but we are not 5’5 wrestlers as well.
    The point is: don’t come with this “latin brotherhood” bulls..t. In 1835 we were already fighting against central Brasil to be a republic. My state is aknowledge by steel industry, plastic industry and medicine centers. We don’t speak spanish and we don’t believe in che guevara…

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