1. first

    First yo

  2. First

    I think Amber had a liposuction on her Tummy….

  3. Amber Rose looks a lot like Charlize Theron in the face.

    Smoking body. Terrible haircut. Fuck…

  4. Javier L

    no ass shot on Amber? whaaaat?!?

  5. Love that stuff. The hair will grow back.. This chick is stacked to the rafters!

  6. Obvious

    get rid of the hos with crue cuts and nasty ink. not doable.

  7. Vito

    OK, Fish, enough already. This (relatively) new interface format is for the birds. It has more bugs than a week-old corpse. Whoever paid for the creation of this piece of shit got fucked.

    This is a bitch to navigate. Later. Maybe.

  8. i loled

    omfg get this fat beast outta heeerrre lol

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