1. Andrew

    What a fucking waste.

  2. Sam

    ONly if you’re a man.

    • Donutz

      Yep, only if you’re a man but, that’s not the problem, problem is she just needs 1 night with a real man and she’ll realize what a stupid mistake she made… then again I love me the ladies too so, it’s not like she’s making a bad decision…

  3. vickie

    its indded a waste.You really really need a man in your life.How can you waste this self.I am a woman and men are our soumates.

  4. CJ

    you people are fucktards. hook up with me Amber :3 I’m a femme too
    she’s like the newer, hotter Portia. love it

  5. E

    The next Anne Heche.

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