1. Fribble

    Nice tape holding that boob stuffing in there, girl.

  2. ayo

    “Look Amber, we’ve tried getting her personal trainers, nutritionists, chefs and cooks, even provided her with a full-time assistant so she can be reminded of when and what to eat and when she has a personal training appointment. Scarlett just isn’t making the cut, so we have to cut her. Yes, honey, it’s okay to be her replacement, we asked God himself and he gave the thumbs up. You’ll be the next big thing in Hollywood, just don’t EVER, I mean EVER, date Sean Penn. I’ve seen too many careers end because of that douchebag” True story.

  3. Misana

    She reminds me of scarlett.

  4. Dan

    That’s not Amber Heard, that’s a miniature Brigitte Nielsen.

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