1. realist

    Amanda Seyfried’s stylist should get KUDOS for creating cleavage where there is none. But hey, they do it on the Ru Paul show every week. :-)

  2. BP

    Two hotties, but I’d take Amanda, she’s from my hometown, Allentown, Pa (definitely the hottest chick to have ever lived in that hick town!)

  3. Toe Jam

    I dated both of them…I had to dump them both, cuz they got too possessive of my time…”lets have sex”,”let me cook you dinner”…blah blah blah. good riddance.

  4. Jentilly

    Shhit! Those are nice tits

  5. Number 2

    Until she lets her hair grow back to a proper length, she’s “Dan Hathaway.” Danne, if you prefer.

  6. Rohit

    What the fuck’s up with Anne anyway ?? The last time I remember, she used to be HOT !!

  7. Dan

    Anne’s hot as hell with the short hair.

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