1. TheGhost

    I don’t care what anyone says about her, with an ass like that, she’s ok by me

    • God, you’re blind. That is the worst ass in New York city.

      • Are you sure – Tom Frank posted above that he’s in NYC, so I think you have to give Amanda at least no worse than ‘second worst ass in NYC’. Sorry Tom, I’m of course just assuming your ass isn’t as firm and taut as Amanda’s. Feel free to post some ass shots if you’d care to prove me wrong.

      • I like to think my ass is OK, but Amanda’s isn’t so bad. I’m comfortable coming up behind her (phrasing!) in this ass-off you’ve invented.

  2. Jon

    She’s trying to suck that posters penis.

  3. Someone buy her a thong. This is disgusting.

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