1. SocialCOmotion

    She’s smoking a joint instead of a blunt in NYC. It can’t be her, she’d know better.

  2. Rodrigo

    The Walking Drugged.

  3. CarlT

    why Amanda? why?

  4. numnum

    why not?

  5. Slore

    I guess she went with shitty extensions so her wig won’t fall off again.

  6. Jenn

    So, crazy makes your hair fall out. Good to know.

  7. Jordan

    Ehh…. Id love to murder her vagina… why not…. she’s probably a freak!

  8. mermaid

    she’s my favorite star

  9. Stewie

    Completely certifiable and would probably claim rape after consensual sex and you know what…every guy would do her because we’re guys and we we’ll fuck pretty much any decent looking chick!

  10. kayk

    Mr Bynes.
    No one actually believed what she was tweeting.
    It is Twitter, not the associated press.
    That is all.

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