1. abc123

    what a stupid girl.

  2. Happy_Evil_Dude

    No wonder! She can barely see above the wheel…Quick, someone get Amanda a phonebook!

  3. anonym

    haha. fuck bothering to fix that dent.
    she doesn’t need to open the hood anyway.

    just crash that shit into a tree one more time and be done with it.

    you’d have to be the world’s worst driver to crash a brand new car like that.

  4. mbcl

    “Here’s your drinks Miss Bynes and thank you for not killing us”

  5. pavement_smear

    This bumper…the last thing you will ever see.

  6. NE1

    Girlfriend needs to can it with that busted BMW. I’m sure the carfax is terrible on it but it’s time to trade in. The bumper is already busted, and she’s trying to get into fender benders to get on TMZ, she’s gonna make those airbags deploy.

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