1. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Those glasses hide the fact that her eye sockets are empty. She clawed them out after watching an episode of What I Like About You.

  2. MarsBlackman04

    Ok, so the latter part of the 90′s was all about see through clothing; the beginning of the 00′s was every female celebrity doing a crotch shot. Then came the “someone stole my sex tape” evolution. Now we can expect every out of work actress to get more work by crashing into to anything in Hollywood to stay famous. What ever happened to just doing made for cable soft porn D movies such as, Shannon Tweed, Joan Severance, etc. They kept their dignity and they were paid to get the occasional nude scene. This young wanna be stars have no dignity, a couple hits of “E” , some shots, a car wreck and look Ma Im famous again!

  3. Frank Burns

    People, she has a medical prescription for marijuana! Its to prevent her from suffering discomfort due to withdrawal from marijuana.

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