1. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Fake tits – check
    Fake lips – check
    Fake blonde – check
    Fake tan – check
    Nonexistent career – check
    Drugged out delusional ramblings – check
    Hit & runs – check, check and check (and check)
    Relationship with Samantha Ronson – pending….

    She’s almost made it you guys!

  2. gearhead

    What happened to this chick, had a huge crush on her and now she’s Lindsey Lohan

  3. mbcl

    “must give these glasses back to Ray Charles, can’t see a thing through them”

  4. Cock Dr

    Those big day-glo fake talons skeeve me out.

    • Indeed. And one of them appears to be either broken in half. Or is piercing her cup. Or is prehensile and curving in upon itself.

      Probably broken.

    • Dammit. I was going to mention the talons. There’s really no other word, is there? Claws are smaller, and those things look like they are designed for underground cage fights.

  5. Isabel

    I can´t focus on anything but the nails…
    Bright pink,one is broken,and she´s also painted part of her little finger…who did her nails? A toddler? Even the shape is awful.

    What happened to her? o.0 She used to be cute,now she looks like she´s trying to morph into octmom.

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