1. hijkmno

    what’s with those stupid fucking nails?

  2. Nate

    Ok I’m convinced. This isn’t Amanda Bynes. This is her stand in, her look alike. She killed Amanda and stolen her identity, her life.

  3. Ninja

    I don’t even think this looks like Amanda. Where are the chipmonk cheeks??

  4. skyokow

    What’s more fun than one crack nail? FOUR crack nails.

  5. Why does she always look like she high off her ass these days? This is a damn shame. She’s reay talented. What a waste.

  6. Jesus

    i need to titty-fuck her. that should clear this mess up.

  7. Happy_Evil_Dude

    I feel the pain of the guy in whose penis that middle nail is now lodged.

  8. “They told me if I keep looking I’ll find the sky around here somewhere…”

  9. mbcl

    “oh lord why must I kill and destroy? I must know”

  10. pix

    now she even looks like Lindsey!I wonder what’s next….

  11. NE1

    What the mother of fuck is up with those nails?

  12. TMZ has some photos of the inside of her car…it’s a fucking pig stye. Absolutely filthy with coffee splatters on the dash, weed shake in the cup holders, ashes, etc. I haven’t seen a car that disgusting since my ex wife’s.

  13. InkyBlack

    I’m not adverse to people having the odd hit from a bong. But I think its fucking stupid and selfish to think you can control 1 or 2 ton metal box on wheels while stoned.

    She seems intent on following the George Micheal driving course and getting an A+.

    Fucking sad really, if this is a cry for help then there are better ways of asking for it.
    If it’s fuck you, then what a douche.

  14. Bionic_Crouton

    “Get me Obama! Bitch stole my crazy!” – Lindsey Lohan

  15. Auston

    Can’t they involuntary commit her to a mental health facility? This really is sad…

  16. Gossip_Girl

    Seriously? Who the fuck talks to themselves and makes up a language when they’re high off weed? She looks like a fucking crackhead so clearly this is more than that. A bad case of meth or bath salts would be my guess!

    • Nubcake

      People who are bipolar and in a manic episode have those symptoms from weed consumption. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on here. Poor girl needs some serious help :(

  17. Jenn

    WTF have they done to weed since the last time I smoked it? I just got really thirsty, and hungry and then became totally convinced the cops were coming to my house….RIGHT THEN! but I did it all in English, not some fucked up imaginary language. Curb the crazy, and eat some pizza rolls like the rest of us, Amanda. Shit.

  18. Robert

    Amanda is AWWWWWWWWWESOME….!!!!! It’s a shame that she is going through tough times like we all do and have….but, hang in there lady and you will survive and be stronger from it all…!!! Sure wish I could meet you in person….?

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