1. Tony Foxtrot

    I have always been insanely in love with Amanda Bynes – she can post as many racy pics as she wants.

  2. castallare

    Is it boring in here or is it just her?

  3. Kisses4Katie

    lol she ain’t All That anymore

  4. lauryn

    these aren’t even remotely sexy. just sayin’

  5. Shaftzits

    Katie’s jealous

  6. chels

    she’s cute and all, but you kind of have to be more than cute to get all the attention in this business. that or you have to post nudes, not the types of photos we see all over facebook everyday. seriously, i have about 200 girls on my friends list cuter than her with pictures more “racy” than these.

  7. pooter

    so she’s in the bathroom taking pics of herself… rolling on X I presume

    that’s hot

  8. Myclamisaninnie



  9. Big foot bunny

    Is that linoleum flooring? Someone needs to do playboy…

  10. Lynn

    Ummmm so how did she go from short brunette… to long blonde hair with no head, but bright ass fingernails… I calll FAKE

  11. Brianne

    ………..This doesn’t even look like her. Come on now, you can do better than this

    • ji

      i agree with you, its probably someone who was told resembles amanda bynes but only when she wore sunglasses and disguised her face. which, in reality when ur face is hidden how can anyone see if you like like someone else when no one can see your face…duhhhhhh..i guess this site needed some story to fill space. funnnny. amanda bynes may probably look at this at some point and just laugh at it.

  12. Amber

    This isn’t even her. Automatic fail.

  13. ji

    ok so this isnt amanda bynes, but what i dont understand is why on the show, what i like about you, she acts totally natural and is hilarious, but in movies with the exception of Easy A since i havent seen it, it seems like shes trying to hard..shes a funny girl but her movies in MY opinion are kinda forced acting..ill have to check out Easy A at some pt. :-)

  14. Canuck

    I dont know what happened to her used to be gorgeous now shes a dime a dozen skinny weirdo.

    And WTF happened to her lips? i wouldn;t go near those bad boys look like plastic

  15. tytyann

    for someone who has so much she sure does dress like trash!

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