1. jdub


  2. DB

    hhmm, shes pretty now… she looks good here :)

  3. alex

    How can she be so un-sexy?

  4. Deacon Jones

    Hmmm, convoluted posts…
    maybe she’s trying to announce her career’s over because she got gonorrhea?

  5. Sarah

    That’s about the worst spread of photographs I’ve ever seen. She looks cute, but wouldn’t know how to pose to save her acting caree…oh wait.

  6. blah

    she’s pretty, but she’s not good at being sexy.

  7. chuck d

    her ass is to small for the black man, but man she’s got some nice tities

  8. joel

    its funny that the front cover says another fat squirrel because she looks exactly like one

  9. Salad Face

    I really wish Shannon Elizabeth and Elizabeth Berkley would take a page out of this chick’s book. Some women should really be seen and NEVER heard. Wait… did I say some? HAHAHHAHA, my bad!

  10. chill

    Hmmm, hahahha, hmmm. You need a career in order to retire from one right? hmmmm.

  11. Snowdawg


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