1. O'chunt

    Surely she’s in character for a movie she’s shoo.. boobs.

  2. Loco

    DANG looks like she got some brand new headlights!

    • karlito

      the reason she had so many hit and runs is because she was busy looking at her new tits while she was driving. her next step is see-through tops and then maybe a nip or two will pop out. this is how ex-child actors get to audition in Hollywood these days…worked for Lindsay.

  3. mismy

    hahaha love the photo caption Fish!

  4. primitivefix06

    Ohh post-child stars, thank you, if it were not for you, who would entertain us?

  5. noname

    Forgot which hand her drink was in

  6. DanS

    Clearly auditioning for a role as a cheap hooker in her next film.

  7. Swore Griffen

    Leaving a CVS after slapping down a phone book size stack of prescriptions under a dozen different names. Told that it will take 20 minutes.

  8. Angel

    Audition for a True Romance reboot?

  9. She looks like Miley Cyrus…you know if Miley Cyrus was a girl.

  10. mike

    WTF!?!? =(

  11. luvboobs

    I want to fuck her little hole so bad…

  12. anonym

    she fucked up a brand new bmw.

    We should put her and lindsay together in the same car, and let them crash it.

  13. beachboy

    Brtiney is that you?!

  14. your mom

    Man i don’t know where those big ol titties came from but i sure am glad she deceided to share them with us all, she can look as hooker-ish as she likes with those things in front thats all anyones goning to see, boy o boy do i like

  15. 'S BOX

    WOW. TITS!

  16. bearandbu

    Huh? Where’d my drink go?

  17. Grabbing for the camera? that is sooo 2010. Lindsay would have blown him until he offered to testify he was driving her car the next time she runs someone over.

  18. NE1

    I kind of wish that beat up Beemer would never go away. She needs to get it out of impound and have someone else drive her around in it.

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