1. Wait. When did she get such huge tits? Did she get implants? I love it.

  2. In all seriousness, this breaks my heart. I grew up watching this girl on TV. From “The Amanda Show” to “All That” to “What I like About You” I’ve watched them all. It’s sad for me to see her falling apart like this. I really hope someone steps in and save her.

  3. Taibhse

    I will, and by step in I mean motorboat her in a Guinness book of records manner.

  4. Anon

    Save her? These pictures are not from someone who has to be saved. They are simply someone with a different style than you like. Bynes is not on the level of a Lohan just because she looks un-celeb like in these photos.

    • Truthteller

      Except, you’re completely wrong, because just like Lindsay Lohan, Amanda here has been in multiple car accidents in the last year, all of them her fault. She clearly drinks and drives. She’s a fucking mess, how do you not see that?

  5. lord long dong of titfuck

    why does the word titfuck keep popping into my mind,,,,and why are my underpants getting tighter and my dong feels all tingly…

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