1. Tyler Perry

    Just tempting enough to cause trouble…

  2. Wheres my hat ? Ah on fat tits...

    Back in the Ole Dart we have a term for this : Chunky Fun.

    Just the kind of woman you wanna have around – looks like she goes down the pub, gets shitfaced, will grab a curry and fuck you blind with her fat titties aftwards.

    Marvellous !

  3. jason


  4. Why hello there ghost of Kate Upton future!

  5. lily

    Needs to lose 15 pounds

  6. Liz

    SHE S FUCKING FAT ! there is such as a thing as exercise ! look it up for all idiots who support the fatty movement and the so called ”curves” AKA FAT ROLLS!

  7. samantha

    You last two are jealous cunts. Go get fucked. (And no; i’m not fat and bitter, I’m a size 0) …and she doesn’t even have rolls, you stupid fucking cunts…Some women need to be PUNCHED in the mouth like the both of you…no wonder women can’t progress in society. Most women are too stupid and jealous of each other to ever make it anywhere…women always love to feel superior by vilifying women. ..but no; you’re all still WORTHLESS anyways. This is why I don’t like befriending women. You’re all evil and jealous and have big mouths and always want to fight…STUPID FUCKING CUNTS. ..FUCKING ANNOYING

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