1. ARGH

    Two things:
    (1) Jodie Foster has ginormous calf muscles, very lesbo of her
    (2) she is quickly morphing into Hillary Clinton

  2. Zombie Kitty

    Oh Christ! She looks like Nicole Kidman’s grandmother!!!

  3. bassackwards

    Could there be 2 more irrelevant people…….
    Foster is: (a) not aging well
    (b) not looking very attractive
    (c) looking for work
    (d) yet still respected outside of Hollyweird for the simple fact that she is smart enough to know when to keep her mouth shut. She has no comments in regards to sex and no comment in regards to politics. Good girl, just stay in the closet!

    Wilde is: a fucking opinionated moron who doesn’t know how to keep her oversized and irregular pie-hole shut about anything. If she ever has ANY hope of having the “appearance” of intelligence, she needs to learn to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  4. Paloma

    Obviously some people have to respect for a lady. Just because she is dressed conservatively that does not mean she doesn’t look fantastic. It’s called class people. Look it up. As far as her not aging gracefully I have no idea what that comment is referring to. She is a stunningly natural beauty that I must respect for obtiously not butchering herself with grotesquely Hollywood standard plastic surgery. This is a woman I can look up to not only for her obvious self respect but her intelligence, grace, and immense talent. This country watch too much MTV and Bravo. Jodi Foster is a legend in her own time.

    That other broad is hardly worth commenting on. I don’t even know who she is.

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