1. Stewie Griffin

    Scientists say that they are 95% that the Yeti exists???? Here’s the other 5%!

  2. adolf hitler

    moose knuckle.

  3. Superficialfan

    I think she looks fab…. shes not fat.

  4. WhateverYouSay

    I think she got bigger when she married Lamar…

  5. Tootles

    Gross could this pants be shoved up her wookie slot any further?

  6. Noel

    i’ve been waiting for the perfect time to buy stock in vagisil…

  7. Jenna

    That looks SOOOO unbelievably uncomfortable. But it must be handy being able to rub one out simply by bending over. Yay for crotch rash!

  8. Jacklyn

    Ummm, cameltoe? Yikes!

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