1. Cock Dr

    Quite a strain on those pant seams. I wouldn’t get too close.

  2. Are those boots from the “Foghorn Leghorn” collection?

  3. Ponkur

    Look where you’re going Kourtney!

    *her head bounces violently off Kourtney’s ass like a squash ball and strikes the railing*

  4. It apparently smells as bad as it looks.

  5. Khloe_is_a_sasquatch

    At least her ass has it’s own zip code. Beat that!

  6. This fabric needs to be researched and used for good instead of evil.

  7. Dr. Hufurrrrr

    T minus .3 seconds until what would later be called “The Starbucks/Wookie Ass” incident occurred.

  8. Jeff

    Is that Michael Jackson? Free Conrad Murray!

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