1. Casey

    Now THAT looks like cottage cheese in a garbage bag…

  2. RED19

    man she’s fine as hell,

  3. ENV

    Ugh why does Kourtney wear those old lady blouses? I don’t care how much that cost.. yuck. Cute jeans and boots though :)

  4. ENV

    But Casey – I don’t see cottage cheese? You know that’s cellulite right? You can’t see it through her pants. So that is the wrong insult. Anyways, yeah she should have gone up one more size in pants, that’s all.

    • hot*mess

      Apparently you missed it when Paris Hilton described her very best “frenemy” Kim K.’s derriere as looking like “cottage cheese in a garbage bag.”

  5. bernard

    she wears a belt to keep the camel toe tucked in!

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