1. Jack S

    AAARRGGGHHH my friggin eyes…….
    I’m gonna sew ya’ll

  2. Melissa

    I think someone needs to tell her that Spanks makes bathing suits.

  3. Mark

    Fuck Women, Put that 20 pounds of make up back on, your fucking ugly.

  4. Cobain

    Courtney Love evil twin?

  5. Nena

    Is an ass that flat possible????

  6. LIzzy

    She is, sorry to say, a little “manish”… I think she would benefit from some posture lessons and she definitely could tone up a bit.

  7. Marina

    she needs butt implants, she definatelly used to be fat

  8. Louise

    Also, her pelvis is in a posterior tilt. Meaning her tailbone tucks, lumbar is super flat, but she prob has strong abs, glutes, and hamstrings. (Sorry to get all technical- this is what I do for a living.) By fixing her posture, she can give herself an arch at her lumbar and even a bit of an ass- no implants or injections needed! If you read this Ke$ha, you’re welcome.

  9. lynnie

    Was she born without an ASS? WOW!!!!

  10. Fan of Louise!

    Hey, that’s a really awesome Louise! Spreadin’ the knowledge and the love.. How very non-superficial of you… NOW YOU MUST BE BAND FROM THIS SITE FOREVER! lmao!!

  11. debonair

    I hate to say it but I have the same body. What exercise do you recommend Louise?

  12. Lolocaust

    Here we see clowns in their natural habitat, not realizing that even talking shit about celebrities on the internet can disguise the shame they feel when they wake up to the saltwater ditch pig leftovers they pick up an hour after last call at the local night club.

  13. Beatnik

    You know how you see girls in real life–not celebrities, just real girls–and you think they look hot in a bikini, but that they probably couldn’t compete with super-hot celebrities like Angelina Jolie or Miranda Kerr (pre-baby)? But hey, it’s still a girl in a bikini, so yippee! Yeah, Ke$ha is not one of those girls. She’s a girl that even her friends should be telling to put more clothes on. A LOT MORE CLOTHES.

  14. Melinda

    I have never in my life seen an ass like that on a chick… that is terrible!!!

  15. Conan off the Brien

    Conan O’Brien sometimes jokes how his ass is completely flat…his back just continues straight down into his ass.

    ……these pics remind me of his joke

  16. Cardinal Fang

    Two words: Booty Pop


  17. Rex

    Pancake booty, but the chick in #6 great ass,

  18. RGO

    she still has a pretty face…

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