1. nah nah

    good lord i have never seen anything more disgusting in swim ware

  2. JUDE

    she’s a dude

  3. andy bellboy

    holy jesus. looks like a bag of mashed potatoes.

  4. Jo

    This girl was a fat chick I’m convinced….maybe try some toning/exercise!

  5. kdf19

    As an almost-35 year old mother of two, I RESENT this post!

  6. kdf19

    …because even my body is better than Kesha’s! Gwoss.

  7. Um... okay.

    That’s not a swimsuit. That’s definitely a bra and panties. And I am even more disturbed because of that fact.

  8. Guest

    Give me a break! She looks pretty good to me. She’s obviously a thin girl, not exactly ‘shapely’ but she doesn’t have cellulite … if she came up to you in person she’d look better than most. What’s with all the hate?

  9. JT

    no ass, no love

  10. Larissa

    Reading these comments makes me think that the readers have seen zero real women naked and perhaps a too few many airbrushed porn stars in magazines. Kesha is no classic beauty, but she is a nice looking, pretty girl. She is very toned and has great legs, but she doesn’t have an hour glass figure. So what? Neither does Cameron Diaz. Look, stop hating women. If you hate her music, don’t listen to it. If you hate her body, don’t look, but how about trying to shut the f*** up and stop spreading your hate.

    • umm...but

      Agreed, but I think you were meant to read comments from folks on the sister site: “theUNsuperficial.com”

  11. ew


  12. G&T

    Will somebody please pass the maple syrup?
    That pancake ass needs some…

  13. Brooke

    Honestly, if she was just some girl on the beach I’d be like “Oh, okay, whatever.” But she’s supposed to be some sort of sexy pop star. She can’t sing, can’t dance… at the very least she could, I dunno, work out a little. She has my body type — she must have been a little chunky in high school and lost some weight. That extra leftover flab is a pain to lose– but if part of your job is to look good….

    How DID this girl get into music? Not pretty, not sexy, not talented… Hollywood seems to have just given up and is playing Ad-Libs with the incoming talent.

    • stazzy

      interesting that you put pretty and sexy before talented. perhaps you are young but i remember when ppl got into music because they loved music, could sing or play and/or write songs. this emphasis on the package fronting some product written and formed by a team of music manufacturers is what’s wrong with the industry–and the whole culture at large.

  14. ricky

    plus she’s pasty frigging white grosss. i agree with brook though if i saw her as just some chick on the beach i’d be like eh whatev. but she’s supposed to be famous she can afford to go to the gym and take care of her scraggly a** hair. i mean fine she’s skinny but skinny ain’t everything. fyi even if ur skinny u need to TONE ppl even skinny girls can be flabby and gross and some heavier body types who work out can be fit and firm

  15. Jenna

    How is it possible that she has no butt? Really, like medically, how the hell is that possible?

  16. Jenna

    I’m in total shock here. How can a person have no butt?

    If I was a popstar, knowing the paparazzi would follow me everywhere, and lacked an entire bodypart like that I would be calling Kim Kardashian in two seconds asking for implant advice.

  17. FishNChuck

    Her body is fine, she just needs to tone up. That kind of body only looks good when it’s in tip top shape. She actually has the same body type of many VS models, she just obviously doesn’t put in as much time at the gym.

  18. Sam

    Everyone is so judgemental. Her body is fine, she’s not fat at all! Yeah she’s got some cellulite, who cares? Every womans got it, Ke$ha just chooses to show hers off. If you don’t like it, stop looking at the pictures for goodness sake

  19. JD

    it’s john travolta on slim fast

  20. gagalady

    Okay, let’s be real here…I don’t even like Ke$ha’s music at ALL, but this girl isn’t fat. Maybe she’s not in good shape but she’s not fat. The sad part is that it’s artists like Ke$ha that create unattainable standards (overly thin, tanned, overdone,fake) that not even she herself can live up to. But hell, girl’s makin’ money so good for her.

  21. Jack

    I would still love to have fun with her sexy bare feet!

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