1. Woofus

    She’s thin without being toned and it looks awful-especially from behind. No definition between waist hips and ass-we call it bucket ass back home

  2. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    I guess because she’s a pop star the pap think she is photograph worthy. Same time I give her credit for having the balls to wear a bikini with her love of untoned-ness.

  3. tmx5901

    That ass is too small for this white boy.

  4. Nick Hogan

    she can probly swim reeeeally fast….

  5. wtffff

    she looks heaps good? especially compared to before

  6. Crys

    wow is it possible that her arm is bigger than her ass

  7. Wzup/b/hephep

    I didnt recognize her without all that knut all over her chest.

  8. Whatthefuck

    Good god, she looks like Quasimoto. I think her should blades swallowed her ass.. look at that bitch’s hunchback! Stand up straight and get some damn ass implants for fucks sake. Ke$ha looked like a man before in the pictures with it in the American Flag outfit, but this shit proves that it was born with a dick between its legs.

  9. Jamie

    OMG It’s like Sponge Bob Square Pants in a bikini!!

  10. who_cares_anyway

    why is this thing in the dirt area anyway?
    Is the bikini section broken?

  11. Tim.

    She looks human.
    I don’t see what the big deal is, It’s quite refreshing to see someone who isn’t made of plastic and chemicals becoming a celebrity.

  12. erin

    this reminds me of when helen mirren was in a bikini… except kesha looks worse. and has a pancake ass. and looks like she’s wearing her skin as an ill fitting loose suit. gross.

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