1. “Mirror mirror near my crotch, who has a pussy like Sasquatch?”

  2. yikes, that’s one thick bitch

  3. Balls McDicktug

    In this pic (#2) you can clearly see her stretch marks. My fucking God. Lay it down, woman, lay it down, you’re over. Go do “Help! I’m A Celebrity Fat Ass” for a season. And above all else; lay down the furnch fries.

  4. WhateverYouSay

    Dear Britney, what the fuck happened.

    • Cock Dr

      Bad lifestyle habits, psychiatric medicine side effects, multiple pregnancies and childbirths. Three strikes……yer out.

  5. Bette

    I don’t care what her diagnosis is, or what meds she is on. She doesn’t have to dress like this. This is shameful. Where is her stylist?


    You just can’t fix dumb.

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