1. Cock Dr

    It’s big. Damned big.

  2. jasmine

    What is she even doing on stage anymore?? Her costume designer needs to be fired. And she doesn’t even sing and doesn’t look good dancing anymore, so what is she doing on stage exactly?

    • Melania

      I have to agree…she should be dressing in an apropriate way for her age and body.You dont wear hot pants when you look like that >.<
      She could still look very sexy (because she┬┤s not ugly or anything) if she dressed differently.She should deffinately fire her costume designer and her hair dresser.Go back to your natural colour and dress your age Brit! You look like a cheap crack head prozzy.

      • Kat

        Weren’t you just defending her in the last photo, Melania? You went from your beautiful representation of natural motherhood crap to “cheap crack head prozzy” pretty fast, there.

    • Bette

      She can’t stop the fishnets, hot pants, and those boots. I agree, she needs to dress her age. She doesn’t dance like she use to. She doesn’t look like she used to. Hey we are all there. Just dress your age. You have a gorgeous face and a stage presence that attracts millions, use that! Please! Oh, and rehearse.

  3. Mystery Science Theater 3000 watches a Britney Spears concert.

  4. SIN

    She is too big to be sexy on stage but the right size to party in the bedroom.

  5. amir

    It’s over Johnny, It’s over!!

  6. tkb

    “Is that all you back there, Baby?”

  7. AnnaDraconida

    She’s getting fatter.

  8. UY

    She’s too fat for her boots.

  9. jorge

    did people actually pay for this show?

    • Louise

      Apparently her first show in London was half empty, with tabloids suggesting that she lost much of her fan base after her insulting video for Criminal shows her using a gun to steal money from a corner store in Hackney, East London (where the parts of the London riots took place).

  10. cheezbox

    How the fuck can people complain about this? This is still better than 99% of you neckbeards will ever even shake hands with.

  11. pookiewookie

    Shes gotta be an exhibitionist to keep wearing these skimpy, trashy clothes that arent appropriate after having two children. Maybe she insists on flashing which is why the designers keep making these horrible outfits. Very unbecoming on such a heavy person.

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