1. “Mah belly haz a sad, y’all, and now mah bike’s gawt a flat…”

  2. reyna


  3. Melania

    She┬┤s a mother of 2..Im not seeing anything strange here.
    Take a stroll along the beach,98% of moms look like that (some worse).Time and gravity catch up with us ALL..its actually kind of comforting to see that :) Takes the pressure off lol.

    • AnnaDraconida

      Are you an overweight mom of 2 yourself? This is showbiz. People are PAYING for it. There’s no excuse for hitting the stage looking like that.

      • kelli

        ^ i’m usually for giving people/women some slack, but you actually have a point. they are paying for it and she should maybe hit the gym before performing for people who spent quite a bit of money,

      • Melania

        Nope,Im a mother of 3 and its taken me a couple of years to get back down to my pre-baby weight (110lbs).But I cut other mums some slack..some find it hard to lose weight,and some dont even care that they have gained it.Brit may think she looks fine “for a mother of 2″ *shrugs*
        I think that her clothes designer is the one at fault here.She ceratinly does not have the body to be prancing around in hot pants anymore,but she doesnt have to hide away either.She just has a very bad sense of style and no idea how to look sexy without showing her ass and boobs off.
        A woman can look super sexy (and classy) and be covered up ;) Brit just doesnt know that.

    • TomFrank

      Britney got where she is due to her looks, not her talent. It’s perfectly acceptable that she be harshly judged now.

  4. people are paying to watch her lip sync, why should she do a few situps as well? hopefully she’ll learn from Lindsay “Trainwreck” Lohan and just do porn already, before its too late

  5. stevebeagle

    wheres the motor ?

  6. Nug

    I’m a, slaaaaaaaaaaaave for food.

  7. Brooke

    I am very confused about who is paying money to see Pizza the Hutt lip syncing for two hours.

    • Any Guy

      exactly. i say we fix the economy by just forcing these has-been artists to donate half of their proceeds from their tours to the national debt. people stupid enough to pay money for this should be forced to spend their money on something worth while to offset their severe retardation and lack of taste.

  8. matt

    i blame MTV, Nickelodeon, Billboard, etc. for continuing to nominate Britney for bullshit awards. By nominating her she believes that she’s still on top. She wasn’t the first pop artist to be paid on her looks & lip sync and she won’t be the last. She doesn’t even claim to be a singer anymore, she’s calls herself a “performer”, whatever the fuck that means. Will this mother of 2 please find some self-respect, cover up, and get off the stage.



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