1. mnsuperbee

    Hogan must be hard up for money

  2. Plus side: fans in the back row can finally see her

  3. mike

    god dam hot !!!! I don,t care what her arms and legs look like,,mmmm hot hot hot

  4. I'm Obama and I approve

    I’d nail her…but, then again, I’m used to big women.
    Have you seen Michelle lately?
    She could take down an entire buffet without breaking a sweat.

  5. B L Zebubba

    I’m not seeing how anyone can tell she has hemorrhoids; is it the way she’s standing?

  6. mangezmangez

    and there goes the camel toe… seriously? no one else?

  7. Paloma

    I don’t see anything remotely attractive about this no talent washedup bumpkin. I could understand people paying to see her perform if she could actually sing, dance, or captivate with beauty but alas none of these apply.

  8. echo

    Am I the only one that thinks shes fine?

  9. cowcatcher


  10. cp3

    Zees iz how I crush votermelonz in zee old country.

  11. cpb

    I think she looks like a dude in drag.

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