1. Brightwood

    Bitches will do anything to get out of making a sandwich, I mean really, this is how is starts.

  2. Dynasty

    I’m sorry to all you old hags but no, this is not breast feeding, this is publicly displaying status as a mother. It is not at all healthy to eat while dangling precariously off of something that is moving.
    It does not serve the child well to display his need to constantly gain affections from his mother. If the child is hungry then prepare his meal prior to leaving your house. If the child needs to constantly eat then there are other problems that should be addressed.

    Strapping your child to your naked breast and then walking out among people trying to work and function normally is insane. It’s just a meal it’s not a way of life. If this woman has issues feeding her child she will only cause severe trauma to the child and herself.

  3. LMFAO

    Your comments are so ignorant. This has got to be the most stupid post I’ve read in a while. She is feeding a fricken kid the way that nature intended. Who are you to judge her. Americans…

  4. Mary

    This is retarded. She is feeding her 11 month old baby the way we women have for hundreds of years. We are mammals, we lactate, we are supposed to feed our children from our breasts. I have an 11 month old son and I am a very proud breast feeding mom and it makes me happy to see a ‘famous’ mothers feeding her child.
    Also I am happy I live in Canada where this is praised and not made out to be ‘a fad’ or ‘gross.’
    Grow up.

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